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Matthew Eager
Managing Partner
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Matthew Scalaro
Managing Partner
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Matt Eager, managing partner co founded CCFG in 2013 with the vision of assisting early stage high growth companies with alternative finance solutions because they were not yet creditworthy from a traditional banking point of view. Being an angel  investor in many startups throughout the years, Matt sees a common theme that there isn't enough access to funding for growth other than equity. He believes that there is a real need to provide debt based solutions, as an alternative to equity, to revenue generating companies to keep them on track to profitability. Matt always finds himself saying to potential clients, "There is a right time to raise equity and a wrong time." Why would a company raise equity when they are just about to land  a flagship client or hit a significant inflection point or milestone? Not making the right financing decisions can result in a higher dilution than necessary. Companies don’t want that and neither do their  investors. Matt's strategy is to try to preserve the value that entrepreneurial  teams have worked so hard to create.

Matt brings to CCFG a comprehensive background in finance and capital markets. Prior to CCFG, Matt spent twenty years in Interest Rate Derivative Markets assisting institutional clients with managing/hedging interest rate risk through different over the counter derivative products. In his last role from 2001-2013, Matt was an Executive Vice President of the Interest Rate Derivatives Division for ICAP Americas responsible for all US Dollar Interest Rate Option Products. Matt holds degrees in Business/Finance and Economics from Mount Saint Mary’s University in Emmitsburg, Maryland.

In 2013, when Matt Scalaro had the opportunity to go out on a limb and start CCFG with his brother-in-law, he decided his goal was to provide alternative solutions for vulnerable companies whose only option seemed to be equity dilution. Given his numerous years of investment experience, Matt knows a thing-or-two about the difficulties startups often face. He was surprised by how many companies were rarely educated about alternative options for capital growth - and so, he decided to offer companies such guidance.


For Matt, it was important that he use CCFG as a platform to assist companies with their growth trajectories by maintaining their equity and finding different ways to raise funds utilizing the assets they currently possess. In determining which companies are perfect targets for CCFG, Matt says, “I look for quality management, technological advancement and a mutual desire for longstanding relationships with my clients.”


CCFG is not Matt’s first rodeo, as he brings with him years of financial experience. Before CCFG, Matt established a successful European/North American structure credit division at ICAP. For over 25 years, his excitement for micro and macroeconomics allowed him to excel in the credit, FX and equity derivative markets. Matt’s work enabled him to live throughout Europe and Asia, and these financial epicenters gave him the tools to assess many situations through an international perspective. However, through all of his successes, Matt believes that his greatest strength was his ability to foster lifelong relationships with his clients. In his free time, Matt is an avid runner, marathon-enthusiast and devoted family-man.

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